Most Powerful Super Heroes in Anime – Top 10 List


If you are reading this Article, then I am sure that you are a big time Anime fan. We have been discussing in our Forum about the top, most powerful superheroes of all time. The discussion got us to write this Article for you. We are going to discuss the Top Most Super Heroes of all time.

We have shortlisted the heroes based on their popularity, power & opponents they have faced. This allows us to justify the hero according to the ranking. We are also for an open discussion so that we can add more heroes to this list.

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Powerful Heroes In Anime:


Saitama- Most Powerful Anime heroes

I think everyone would agree on this. This is one of the most loved & the most powerful character in entire Anime. He is not defeated & finishes everything with just one punch. Just to become the hero he had gone through such an intense training & gained so much power that he has no hair in his body.

One of the best parts about him is that in the initial battle with any villain he purposefully take the beating so that he could check how powerful he is. He is no so obsessed to fight to someone who can show Saitama his blood.

We are also waiting to see Saitama’s blood & that villain will become the most powerful villain in the Anime industry.


Zen-Oh: Most Powerful Anime Character

If you consider the character buildup, then Zen-Oh would be more powerful than Saitama, but we haven’t seen him fighting in the entire Dragon Ball Series. Hence we keep him in the 2nd Position.

He is the King of 12th Universe & the story says that he is so powerful that he can erase the whole universe in an instance. His ability is yet not shown.


Goku - Most Powerful Hero

Goku is my favorite character & he is always on the top charts of the most popular character. He has masters in various techniques & has the ability to manipulate his ki. Inspired by Master Roshi, he masters Kamehameha.

He is considered to be the most powerful Saiyan of the universe & has defeated everyone who challenged him. His has now reached to God level & becomes the most powerful character.


Naruto - Most Powerful Super hero Anime

Naruto is another post powerful Ninja, who possess the power of the tail beast & is a Sage. As a kid, he was an annoying brat who always talked about becoming a Hokage. Later with his training, he manages to master sage mode & also controls all tail beast & reached the level of “Sage of Six Path.

During the last ninja war, he becomes the hero by saving the earth by Defeating the mother of Sage of Six Path, Kaguya Otsutsuki. The only one who is capable to fight him is Sasuke Uchia, who posses a Rinnegan.


Inuyasha: Powerful Anime Hero

Inuyasha is the main character in the Anime series “Inuyasha.” His name stands for dog demon & is the most powerful character in the entire series. Born as Honyo, a half-demon he is powerful & has surpassed all the enemies he has fought with.

He is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and an Expert Swordsman. His healing ability makes him invincible. He another ability is the amazing reflex that helps him to analyze any attack and react accordingly.

Ichigo Kurosaki:

Ichigo Kurosaki: Powerful Anime Hero

Bleach is one of the most popular Anime Series & Ichigo is the most loved character in the entire series. Ichigo has the most interesting story of how his mother got brutally murdered by Hollow in his presence. To revenge it he becomes more powerful & later understood his supernatural power.

Ichigo also posses Rukia Kuchiki power that allows his family to be safe from the Hollow. To take revenge he started killing Hollow.

During the series, he makes himself so powerful & builds his body in body top form. His character is quite different as he also has an amazing analytical sense that makes him able to change the battle on his side.

Edward Elric:

Edward Elric: powerful Anime Hero

Fullmetal Alchemist is an Anime of all time & is always there on my top list. He is one of the youngest & most powerful character. During his young age of 12, he joins the State Alchemist & becomes the youngest alchemist. He then in search of Philosopher’s stone so that he could revive his brother back to life.

We have seen him fighting the powerful villains using his alchemist skills sho was 3 times of his age.

Sasuke Uchiha:

Sasuke Uchiha: Famous Anime Heroes

Famous among the girls & being the only Uchiha left. He keeps a lot of hatred for his brother Itachi who killed his entire clan. With an aim to kill his brother, Sasuke trains himself so hard that one day he kills his brother.

During the last Ninja war, he posses a Rinnegan that makes him more powerful & insensible. He is the only opponent who is capable to defeat Naruto.


One Piece Chapter 919

A stubborn guy called Luffy who ate a devil fruit that turns him into a rubber man. Luffy is from a famous Anime, One Piece who is said to be the most wanted pirate. His aim is to become the pirate king.

Luffy has an amazing stamina & have mastered Haki, which makes him more powerful. Knowing the fact of Monkey D. Dragon is his father, it is said that he has acquired power inherited from him. Being a rubber boy makes him Undefeatable. He has fought some of the most powerful characters & has surpassed every one of them.


If you are watching How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, then you might agree to me. He is a Demon Lord undefeated, who comes into a game in Diablo character. He posses a lot of power & is mastered in different spells.

With his massive power, he also posses a good analytical skill that makes him undefeatable. He is now one of the coolest Devil Anime heroes.

These were our top 10 list of most powerful Anime heroes. We would like to know more about your thoughts on this & keep updating the hero list here. We are open for feedback from you so that we keep improving the list above.