“Mogery Of A Scourge Tower” A New Iori Anime Series


Mogery of the Scourge tower

If you follow Iori, then you would like to know that they have released an all new Anime series “Mogery Of A Scourge Tower” starting from today. This anime series is all about a young working man Sakae working hard to treat his sick brother.

This series becomes interesting when Sakae gets kidnapped just before his brother’s operation. The time he wakes up, he finds himself at an isolated tower. There he finds a number of traps that he will have to go through. He also finds other victims who were bought over there for the trap. His only task now is to get over all the trap.

This series is all about a game where Sakae becomes a victim. At the end face a fearful opponent as a trap who come to attack him. This episode will air on every Wednesday and has released today at Sunday Ue River, Shogakkan.

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