Megalobox episode 2 review


The episode started right from where it left in the last episode. Everyone was yelling Yuri’s name, and the episode was just amazing. The second episode of Megalobox has jsut arrived. I’ve watched it and here is my Megalobox episode 2 review.

My review

So, our hero finds himself in the ring against the champion of Megaloboxing. He wanted that, he wanted to fight with someone strong and someone legit without any match-fixing. As he pissed-off Yuri (the megaloboxing champion), he came to fight JD in his underground ring. Yuri is a professional champion while JD just fight’s in the underground ring and that too is fixed matched and he has to lose most of them.

I was excited since the end of the last episode and now today, seeing the fight between Yuri and JD in this episode was merely peace. Well JD loses the match was clear, and this incident will lead the series progression and him entering the big ring as well. What the question was how it would happen, in today’s episode it was made clear. After showing his real skills, JD managed to hit the champion twice but he gets down twice as well and the second time was when he knocked out. But before getting knocked Jd proved himself as the champion who though he can fight with our hero with just one hand has to use his other hand just to block JD’s punch that would have made Yuri knocked out if he only used his one hand.

The fight ended with JD getting knocked out but does it really over? As, JD still not satisfied and tries to provoke Yuri again. But Yuri doesn’t want him to fight in an underground ring, and he thought that fighting an underdog won’t be any good for his position. Yuri challenged him to come to his ring and fight. See how the story is going to progress now.

In this episode, I noticed one thing, whenever JD got his mind filled up with the thought’s of future he went out in open riding his motorcycle and ended up in a crash. Riding his motorcycle might give him the peace of mind. He did the same in this episode.After that in the second half, JD went to his partner/manager who fixes the match for him. They both work together as a team, so JD went to him and asked him to take JD to the Megalonia. Migalonia is the even in which Yuri fights, it was Yuri’s ring. His Partner agreed though the agreement was not that smooth as there at first he tried to give JD a million reason why they can’t compete in that big competition.

In his last underground fight which was fixed by him getting knocked out in the 5th round. JD didn’t listen to his Partner and finished the match with just one punch. That made leave them with a big debt. The owner of the underground ring or the person to whom they own now, threaten his partner to his life and said that they would make JD fight in the underground until he dies.

But he came up with a better plan, JD’s partner tells the owner that JD will enter and win the Megalonia and with the winning money they will pay their debt. JD doesn’t have a citizenship so we see the hacking scene where they made a fake I’d of Jd and now his new name is “Joe.”

The episode was really fun and as I said in the first episode Megalobox is my favourite anime of this season.