Megalobox episode 1 review


Last night there was some problem with my anime streaming site, I don’t know what was happening, but none of their servers were responding. And last night the first episode of Megalobox was aired. If you have read my list of anime to watch this spring 2018, you know how excited I’m about this particular series. Luckily the server problem is solved now, and I watched the episode. So, here is my Megalobox episode 1 review.

My Review

Right from the start, from the part where we saw our hero riding on a motorbike, riding through the deserted area and then crashing his motorcycle. I knew I’m going to love the series. Though while reading the synopsis of the series I knew what to expect from this episode. Just like they described in the synopsis the episode was very amusing. Set in the somewhere near future, I curious to know what will happen next and how this series is going to end.Let me first tell you what this series is about. It’s based on boxing, and yes it is a sports anime. I haven’t reviewed any sports anime till now. And I decided to review it because first I love boxing and second the series gave me the vibes of something good like “Made in Abyss.” If you remember Made in Abyss came last year, and it is my one of the favourite anime. It’s too soon to judge whether it is going to be my favourite anime or not. But for now, after watching the first episode, I can say I loved it.

It doesn’t matter if you like boxing or not but this one is something I would describe as worth watching. Also for the fans of fiction and sci-fi, their gloves are robotic, and in some case their entire arms are robotic. It’s not entirely futuristic, but new (futuristic technology) is there.
The anime is portraying the story of JD (Junk Dog) an underdog. He got skills, but still, he doesn’t have that particular fame. He doesn’t have a past, and from what I see in the first episode, it seems like that is not even the citizen, and that’s why he can’t compete in the big tournaments. He can not compete in the Meglo Box, and that’s why he fights in the underground rings where he can not get the fame. To make his living JD fights in the underground rings where he can not win. Because if he wins then people will get less excited about his fight when lead them to make less money.
Though at the end of the first episode the MegloBox champion came down to the underground rings to settle things with JD. As he insulted the champion, megloboxing and the owner of the champion. It’s not a legal fight, but this fight will become the reason for the story of JD getting into Megloboxing in future. And if you notice the main lead is going to compete with he main boss in the starting of the series. This is quite uncommon but certainly made me excited for the upcoming episodes.

Episode one was just so much fun, if you haven’t watched it yet then just go and watch now. That’s all with the episode review, tell me what you think about the Meglobox.