Martial Peak Chapter 36 – Expected Release Date & Spoiler


Martial Peak Chapter 36

Manga Chapter: Martial Peak CHapter 36

Release Date: 22 Sept (Expected)

Martial Peak manga 35 is out & the in the upcoming Manga chapter 36, we are going to see how Yang Kai will meet Su Mu’s sister who is at the Spirit level. In the last chapter, we saw Su Yan (Su Mu’s sister) hit his brother. The only reason for this can be his appearance without informing.

There is no doubt that Su Yan is quite powerful than Yang Kai, but we expect Yang Kai to be as powerful as she is. This is because of the power that he has gained with the golden skeleton. In chapter 30, we saw how he meets Yang Kai, the Eleventh Elder at the & get to know more about his history. In the same time, we see him making his very first drop of Yang essence.

Talking about Martial Peak Chapter 37, we might see some good interaction between Yang Kai & Su Yan. In this Article, we are going to see our expectation & release date for the chapter 36.

Our Expectation: 

As seen at the end of the chapter how Su Yan stares at Yang Kai, it is obvious that this chapter will be an introduction to the character. As Yan is quite superior to anyone there, it obvious that we could see here throwing attitude on both of them.

She being in the Spirit level, we expect that in the future episode, we could see Yang reach that level. We are expecting to see a fight between Yang & Su Yan, but it is yet to be confirmed. We could also see Yang going out to collect more herbs & training hard to get to the spirit level.

Expectation For Future: 

As seen in chapter 30 how the Eleventh elder tells Yang Kai about the past, we believe that there is some relation between the Golden Skilliton & the Evil spirit.

Release Date: 

There has been no official confirmation on the release date of the chapter, but it is expected that the chapter will release by or before 22nd September. If you have some information regarding this Manga series do let us know in the comment below.