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What’s up everyone I’m back with another episode review of my favorite Ancient Magu’s Bride. The episode was released last night but I fall asleep by then so today morning the first thing to do is watch the episode 5 of this amazing series. The episode was amazing and it surely fired up many peoples, some are hating it but most of them are loving it. So, without any halt let me just start with my Ancient Magu’s Bride Episode 5 review.

My Review

If you ask me how’s the episode? I would say it was amazing and just so beautiful. The relation between Chise and Elias seems to be creepy but I still like it other than that Chise learning to appreciate life gives this series a nice tone. Though there is a shift change in this episode that moved the episode in a depressing part and like many other people I didn’t like it.

This episode was about Chise appreciating her life though she did ask a question “When will I die”. Well, those were some strong words Chise asking when she will die is just something that felt bad. Now we know since the beginning of this series that She doesn’t care about her life, she gave her life to into slavery so that she can find someone who calls her something, gave her life some meaning. Now she is not afraid of dying as well and as we saw in several previous episodes She envy’s dead, because of the child abuse and all her upbringing made her this way. Now in many other animes, this trauma will just end with two or three episodes but that’s not what happened in the reality and the same is with Chise. She is learning to live, to appreciate her life but her trauma is still there she is not fully recovered yet but she will and that will be worth watching.

In the last episode, she realizes the meaning of having a life just when she met the couple. She understands that how some people want to live and some want to die. She realizes the worth of life and in the end of the episode, she tried to help them by giving them freedom, help them to start over again. And when she asked when she is going to die, many people hated it but I think she wanted to end this life to start over again, maybe not in this but in other life, she will able to enjoy everything. Which is not bad, I mean her intentions are changed, where first she wanted to end her life so that she can put end to everything but now she want’s to end to start over again which simply implies the hope.

Now let’s talk about the story of this episode. In the last episode, we get to know about the corruption and how it formed but in this episode, we saw the more elaborated form of their story. So the man in relation was tricked to help her fiancee but nothing seems to work. Then he met a sorcerer and he said that a cat has nine lives and if you hunt cats and gave the portion (made from cat’s) to your love she will able to get a new life which was spared by cats. It was brutal, killing cats and watching blood splashing was just horrifying. And when his fiancee gets to know what his love was doing it was just sad, watching her facial expression was just sad. He forced her to drink her that portion and when she did she just melted straight to the ground. She didn’t die, she just has a new form, that black slime is her new form now.

She was there but she couldn’t do or say something to assure her love. Her fiance didn’t know what to do next and he just broke crying. Later all the cats come and we know what happened next. Cat’s killed him and that was the complete story of the corruption in the lake.

That’s all by the end of the episode I can say it was an amazing episode and people are hating it for no good reason. There is nothingwrong with the series and it was just the story and plot of this series that made them think so.