Made in Abyss episode 2 Review


Watching kids going for exploration was seems to be a nice scene and that’s why I’m here with another review of Made in Abyss episode 2. Let’s not waste time and dive directly into the review.

Review episode 2

The Curse of Abyss, this is the name of this episode. Unlike its first, we didn’t see much about Abyss and the pit but we get to know about explorers, their whistles, some relic and the about the Curse of Abyss. Let’s start with the relic, the unheard bell is one of the legendary relics. According to the series, it can stop the time and it is discovered by Liza mother of Rekko. Lizza is one of the best Cave Rader and she was a white whistler (As Rekko stays in the orphanage we think she is dead). Now there are total 5 types of whistles, Red one is for an apprentice, proficient with a blue whistle, assistant-instructor with moon whistle, experts with Black one and the best one got a White whistle.

Other than that we get to know about the layers and why no one gets to the bottom of it. Other than that Leader of Rekko tell her about her mother’s legacy and also tell her that she was born inside the Abyss. Her eyes were cursed as she was born deep inside the Abyss and because of it, she has to wear glasses.
In the middle of the episode, we saw an Expert explorer comes to the surface after a 10 years dive and they found a white whistle and some documents that belong to Lyza. The episode was informative but missing some edge point that will hook us to the series and that’s when Rekko call to the administrative building to see her mother’s documents/letter.

She went there, accompanied by Reg (humanoid/robot) and they get to see some unique creatures that were not mentioned in the book of the relic. Also, Rekko found an image that appears to be Reg also a note that says “At the netherworld bottom, I’ll be waiting”. Does that mean Liza is alive and waiting for someone to help her, also does she send Reg to find help?

What I’m expecting in the next episode

Maybe we will get to know about Reg more in the next episode which would be a little early but as the series is only of 13 episode maybe that’s what is necessary. Also, I don’t think we are going for a ride in the Abyss in the next episode.