Made in Abyss episode 1 Review


Just after reading about it in upcoming anime series of Summer, I was eagerly waiting for this to one. From the title, you must have to know that I’m talking about “Made in Abyss“. This series caught my attention when I saw its summary and after watching its first 3 episodes and fighting with some other anime fans over Reddit. I can say that this one is going to be the anime of Summer season 2017.

Title: Made in Abyss episode 1 – The City of the Great Pit
Release date: July 7, 2017
Original Maker: Akihito Tsukushi

Why I’m so hyped?

Made in Abyss is really unique from every other anime that has been coming out this season. Beautiful artwork that will make you mesmerized, strong and powerful protagonist one is a small girl and other is a robot/humanoid (we still don’t know who he is actually). But before telling you all that let me just tell you what Made in Abyss is all about. It is an adaptation of web manga, it is placed in a fictional world where adventurists found a big pit on an island. The pit is a very deep and no one knows how deep it is.

People have built a city around this big pit whose diameter is around 1,000 meters and explorers who are known as “Cave Raider” go inside the pit with a goal to find its bottom and uncover its mystery. The story takes place in somewhat future as there is a humanoid boy and they some nice equipment too.
The pit is consists of several mysterious living beings and our protagonist girl Rikko want to go deep inside the Abyss to find ancient relics. It is one of those light-hearted series that makes you think that they are nice but after watching few episodes something dark comes-up to the surface. I’ll talk about it later in this post, so without further ado let me start with the review of Made in Abyss episode 1.

Review episode 1

As I mentioned above that this is a unique one and have a very different form of artwork. Just in the first episode, you can see our protagonist and his friend Nat both are on an adventure trying to find some ancient relic to that they can level up and go deeper into the pit. They explore and show us the beautiful artwork of the series which made me fall in love with this style of animation. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit but I just watched it and it is amazing. Whistle hanging in their neck determines their level expertise.

Rekko wants to go deeper as soon as possible and that’s why she is trying to give her best in hope to get promoted.

And she is doing fine in the first episode she found several ancient relics but on her way back she saw Nat bleeding and Crimson Splitjaw was attacking Nat.

Crimson Splitjaw is a unique creature who lives inside the pit. Rekko attracts Crimsons by blowing her whistle in order to save Nat but put herself in danger. Nothing fancy there as this is what protagonist do. Luckily a blast of firewall saved Rekko from Crimson Splitjaw. Later when Rekko founds a fainted boy with the metal arm and different textured boy, apparently he saved her from Crimson Splitjaw.

The first episode also makes question if it is actually a nice and light-hearted anime as we see that our protagonist and all her friends live in an orphanage and Rikko’s room was used to be a torture room. Also, orphanage sends kids to collect relics so that they can run orphanage.!

What I like the most

A great mystery that is keeping us hooked, different art style and several layers of mystery. I’m betting on it to be the best Anime of this season.