Love is like after the rain, just the title was enough to attract me. I’ve just watched the first episode of Love is like after the rain. SO here is my Love Is Like After The Rain Episode 1 review/first impression.

My Review

I didn’t know anything about this series until I spot is online, it’s a Romance, Seinen anime series. According to the synopsis of the anime, the story is about a school girl who was a part of the school track team once, but she suffered an injury and she has to change her goals and everything. Just because her injury she dropped her dream and starts working at a family restaurant. In the restaurant, there is a guy 45 years old, who is the manager of the restaurant. Our main lead feel in love with this 45-year-old guy and she starts to question herself, How did this happen? Why she loves him? Though in conclusion, she realizes that it doesn’t matter why and how she is in love with him because she loves him.

Love Is Like After The Rain Episode 1Now after reading this most of you might think it’s very weird and creepy. The relationship doesn’t suit well. High school girl with a middle-aged man, not a very good combination. I will not defend it by saying it’s not weird but it made me curious to see what they are trying to do with this series. I thought that the guy would be a wrinkled gut with losing and pale skin or someone portraying a pervert. But what I see was totally different the male character is a nice and good looking guy. He is divorced and have one kid who likes to spend his time with his dad. This proves that guy is not bad looking or a pervert,

Love Is Like After The Rain Episode 1 reviewAfter watching the first episode I can easily say that I’m going to follow it. For those who are thinking that it is a creepy show, first let me clarify that it’s a Romance, Seinen, and seinen means that it is made for the adult audience. Other than that the Japanese culture of love is different from what we see here. Also after reading the description and watching the first episode, I can say that it seems to be very real. Imaging a 20-year old girl rather than a school girl falling in love with a 40myear old gut. IT seems to be less creepy, in fact, it seems to be very real, stories like this are real and that what makes this series worth watching. I like it and I want all romance fans to watch it too.

In this episode, we saw the glimpse of both of the main characters side of the story. From girls side it seems to be a one-sided love story but when the manager imaging himself as walking up to her creates another possibility.

Whatever you think after reading the description the only thing I want to say is “don’t judge the book by its cover”.