Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou Episode 9 – The Real Story Starts Now!


 Lord of Vermilion Episode 9

Lord of Vermilion:The Crimson King Episode 9

Release Date: 8- Sept 2018

After watching Lord of Vermilion episode 8, it has become quite clear that, there is something fishy about Shiki Hanashima & Yuri’s dad. It was really sad to see Marie Kurokami’s death & it seems that everything is planned by Yuri’s dad. Watching this episode, it becomes quite clear that from Lord of Vermilion Episode 9 will there will be a huge change in the series.

It seems that everyone is blaming Chihiro for getting Yuri to the group & then we see how Yuri’s father takes her away. As we are just few episodes away from this Anime to end, it seems that a lot of things will get clear in EP 9.

There are few things that we consider has not been noticed. if Yuri’s father was there, why did anyone attack him? This was so obvious that, they should have avenge Marie’s death when the one who killed her was there. On the other hand, Shoko, who has been acting weird seems that their objective is not good.

It was so obvious to notice how Shoko blames Yuri & then rest reacts to it. This is obviously manipulating everyone mind.

What can we expect in Episode 9?

If you remember, Marie had said something to Isshin before her death, which defines that she might have found something that everyone should know about. In this episode we will see how Isshin starts his investigation against what Marie has found.

We will get to know a lot of information about what everyone is looking for & will have more details on who is involved in these activities.

Lord of Vermilion:The Crimson King Episode 9 will be aired on 8th September on their regular timing unveiling the secret of behind this and the “vessel of wisdom blood.”