Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King Episode 11 – Release & Spoiler


Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou Episode 11

Episode: Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King Episode 11

Release Date: 21st Sept

Lord of Vermilion Episode 10 was an amazing episode. It was really unexpected to see a Guard state member to work with the heroes. Talking the final place where the artificial barrier will be mounted is the Infinity Theater. Shiraki chooses this place with the only reason to turn every member in the theater into monster.

Kamina, already knew about their plan & we have a gimps of his past talks with Yuuri. he knew about the Infinity Theater & he also has a plan to stop it. We on the other hand see how everyone head towards the Infinity theater to  stop the chaos.

Kark appears in front of the theater to stop the Heroes. It was also surprising to see Aoi Jun been back stabbed by Kark and got killed. Kamina on the other hand gets mad and become the Lord of vermilion. It was really unexpected to see his tremendous power. At the end of this episode we see how Kark disappears from Kamina’s attach with a mission to destroy Tokyo.

In this Article we are going to see the spoiler and release date of this episode.


Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King Episode 11 will be the 2nd last episode of the Season 1. In this episode we will almost finish the Tokyo Ark. As seen in the last episode, we will see how Hanashima will destroy the Artificial barrier and stop the 2nd Great Collapse.

In the trailer we also saw, Shiraki second daughter, Mitsuki. It seems that she is the main culprit behind this plan. While Shiraki is on his feet asking her daughter to help. With this episode we will get get to know the main culprit behind this Great Collapse.

In this episode we might also see Kark & Hanashima battle while destroying the Artificial barrier.

Release Date: 

This episode is expected to be released on 21st Sept next week. We are expecting to see some intense battle & to also know the new character Mitsuki.