Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou Episode 10 – Release Date & Spoiler


Episode: Lord Of Vermilion Episode 10

Release Date: 14-Sept

Lord of Vermilion Episode 9, was as we expected, but we did not thought to see Kakihara, Isshin dead in this episode. With just 2 Episode left, it seems that we might see just action in the last 2 episode. It is also expected the series to ed this September.

As said by us in the last spoiler that Kakihara has Kurokami research she had done before her death. We saw how Kamina saw Kakihara’s death and is behind him to protect him. We saw them going to the same place where Kurokami went. Over there we saw the Artificial barrier that was placed for the next big collapse.

By the time they star investing we saw Kaburagi, Kark appearance to kill them all. We saw how Tachikaze, Tsubasa put her lie in danger to save Kakihara. This episode was also a small hint about his past.

The Artificial Barrier:

As we had already see in this Episode how Shiraki uses the artificial barrier on human to turn them into monsters, which gives a clear indication why they have kept this barrier in 7 different places. With this, it comes clear that Shiraki haven’t setup all 7 barriers to make whole Tokyo a Monster place.

What Can We Expect in the Next Episode?

Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou Episode 10 is about to end, and hence we will see a good/bad guys fight for sure. As we saw how Dux ask Hanashima to make sure to destroy if the 7 Artifical Barriers has been place. It is quire obvious if that is not done, then everyone in the city will turn into monsters.

If we see the last episode properly, we will see how Dux informs Hanashima that even if they destroy Tokyo the Chaos plan will win. Now, with this statement of her, it is quite obvious that we will be seeing the Heroes to go in field fight with Shiraki teams so that they help to prevent the final instillation of the artificial barrier.

We might see Yuri & Kamina to battle each other in this episode. This episode will be the initial of the most epic battle of this series. We are not sure who all be involved in this, but we are quite sure that it is going to be epic.

On the other hand, if we talk about Koume Sakiyama, she is completing the experiment that was initiated by Akaya. Which mean, we can also see that the successful installation of the artificial barrier. By the time this happens, we might see that Koume already have the solution to heal all possessed demons.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date of this episode, it is expected to be aired on 14th September this months & by the end of this month we might see the final episode of this series.