Let’s talk About One Piece Episode 855 – Katakuri’s Eating Habit


One Piece Episode 855 is expected to release next week on 30th September. If you are one of those who like to know more about this episode, then keep reading.

This One Piece Episode 855 is going to be all about Luffy & Katakur fight. We all are seeing how Katakuri is overpowering Luffy. But the Episode 855 is going to be quite interesting to watch. There are some Katakuri’s moments that you would like to know about.

Warning: This is the spoiler for One Piece Episode 855

As the title says “The End Of Deadly Battle?! Katakuri’s Awakening In Anger!” doesn’t mean that we are going to see the end of the battle. But we are going to see the most Funny way of Katakuri loosing his Anger. Let’s break it down below.

Katakuri Weird Eating Habit:

As soon as he defeats Luffy (That’s what he think)  he goes to eat. In this episode you will see Katakuri’s weird eating habit that no one has ever seen. Katakuri’s eating habit has been secrete within his family. No one knows how Katakuri eats. On the other hand he does not want anyone to know about his weird habit. But Luffy tend breaks in seeing Katakuri eating.

This is why the Title says “Katakuri’s Awakeningg In Anger.”  Because Luffy sees him eating he feels embarrassed and get angry & plans to kill Luffy.

Let’s See the Scenes below: 

Scene 1: No One have ever Seen Katakuri Eat. His eating habit is about to unveil

One Piece EPisode 855 Part 1
No one have ever seen Katakuri eating.

Scene 2: Luffy eats Katakuri’s Mochi & break out of his trap

Luffy Eats Katakuris Mochi & break out

Scene 3: Luffy breaks in & see Katakuri Weird Look

One Piece Episode 855- Katakuri Eating Habit
Katakuri’s Weird Eating Habit Reveled

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