Legend of Phoenix Manga Chapter 10 – The Kind Miner


Legend of Phoenix Manga Chapter 10

Legend of Phoenix Chapter 10 is expected to release anytime this week. After watching the first few chapters it was clear that by the end of this series we are going to see Lengmo (The main character) gaining more power. In the last Chapter, we saw that he went out in search of “Hematite” through which he can make a sword have an ability to heal himself.

The last chapter also shows how he went out of his village in search of Hematite. When he planned to take rest, he tends to witness a fight between a Snake & a Wolf Beast. & in their battle, he found the Hematite. In the end, the Wolf beats the snake, & when Lengmo visits the location he finds out the baby wolfs for who the mother was fighting.

We all know how emotional is Lengmo & seeing this he plans to help them as the mother need to eat to feed his children. We see how he gives the roasted snake to the mother so that she could feed their children.

Our Expectation from Chapter 10:

As we already know that Lengmo is being friendly with the injured Wolf mother, feeding her Snake to survive. In this chapter, we will see how he tries to help her to get on her feet & at the same time, he will take away the Hematite so that he can make a sword more self-healing.

We might also see some demonstration of it and will also see how he dominates the mother wolf similar to the water bulls.

There is no confirmation about the release date of this chapter, but it is expected to be released on the next week of this month. We will be updating you once we get any final confirmation on the release date or any other information.