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After a long wait of over 10 years, we finally got a new season of this pretty old series. If you haven’t read the title of this post then let me tell you that I’m talking about Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World. Which is the latest season to this old and legendary series of Kino no Tabi. To be honest, I don’t remember much about the original series, after all, it’s been so long. I do remember some of the characters and episodes and the journey but I don’t remember the actual context. Well if you are like me who don’t remember the original series or who haven’t watched the series, you don’t have to worry about anything. As this new series Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World- Animated series is the remake of the original series. It’s not like that original series is bad or not popular, it just it was dated and because of its popularity this series has been revived and Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World is the remake of it. So let’s not waste any more time and do the Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World episode 1 review (lost in the forest).

My Review

In this series, we were joining Kino as she travels from town to town and country to country on her Motorrad (Bike which can talk). We’ll see how she confronts the new obstacles and adapt to the environment. If you are a solo traveler you will surely love this series as you related to it.

Other than that this series is about Kino who want to travel, who want’s to see the world, too fond the meaning. Kino will be accompanying by Harmis her Motorrad. They both will be seeing the world experiencing new things and finding meaning in different was. So basically, this is what this series is all about.

Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World is a series with meaningful messages in it, it is basically an episodic series and if you are not a person who likes this type of series then you shouldn’t have watched it. But overall it is a good and enjoyable series and I like it.

People were saying that this remake of Kino no Tabi is going to be a failure just because its animations don’t look good. I was seeing it quite often, basically, they were judging the book by its cover. And after watching the first episode of Kino no Tabi The Beautiful World I can make sure that those people with ugly comments must be hiding somewhere or trying to make another excuse. As the episode was good and the story seems to be nice too.

The episode starts with Kinno lying down on the grass and explaining why she loves traveling what makes her travel more. If you don’t remember of never watched the original series you must be pretty confused about what is happening. So, let me tell you this is what Kino always does, tells us (or to Harris) why she want’s to travel. Now in the end of the episode, you will be seeing a somewhat same scene and you will think that this end part should come at the beginning and the beginning part would be good for the end, But that’s not what this series is about conclusion is not the main focus here but the journey to the conclusion is.

It is like the journey is what actually matters not the end result. In this first episode, Kino travels to a new country where murders are not prohibited. She found a fellow traveler who was kinda rude to her. This new town was not what she heard, everyone was nice and polite, though they all carry some kind of weapon still they are very nice and also mention the killing anyone as murder is not prohibited.

The message in this episode was “not-prohibited” is not equal to “permitted”. As in the end of the episode when Kino was confronted by the fellow traveler she met on her way to this town. Fellow traveler tries to threaten her and asks to leave all her travels luggage so he can sell it and live his life pleasantly in this town. Because the murders are not prohibited he pulls his gun out and Kino hides behind the Harnis.

Righ when he about to fire a flying arrow penetrate his hand and everyone from town to gather with their weapons. It’s like in this town a person who tries to kill someone or a person who kills someone get’s murdered by everyone in the town. Murders are not prohibited in this town but that doesn’t mean you can murder anyone and live free.

This is the reason why people are very polite and nice, the laws and authority make this town the safest one. Though, Kino had a rule to only stay 3 days in a town.

Now I like this episode and I do get the message correctly that’s why now I want to see the next episode. Tell me what you think about it.