Kingdom Manga Chapter 852 – Release Date & Spoiler


Manga Chapter: Kingdom 852

Release Date: 02 December 2018

Update: Kingdom Chapter 852 release date is updated and will release on 2nd December

Ousen’s right wing has overpowered the enemy & is making them defensive whereas Hi Shin’s unit is ripping off the enemy. We saw how Hi Shin’s army uses “Gouriki” while they were attacked by the enemy. We have seen how their body is reacting automatically. (Advair diskus)

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Seeing Shin’s army, Shousa (Commander) was glorified & we saw him talking about Shin’s vision towards the battle. It seems that Shousa knows about Shin’s vision & he claims that it is not even close to it. This is one reason where we will see Shin’s trump card in Kingdom Chapter 852.

In this article, we are going to disclose Kingdom chapter 852 spoiler & release date. If you are fine with the spoiler, then keep reading the post.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 852 Spoiler:

We saw how the enemy has started retreating and now they are planning to make a new strategy. This is definitely a big victory, but the outcome of this result might be dangerous. In Kingdom Manga 852, we will see Shin’s unit giving all they have as this is the only chance for them. The only aim is to finish the battle as soon as possible & we will see that happening.

Talking about the right wing, they are pushing the enemy toward Ousen’s army, which means we will see some great execution here. As said in chapter 850, about the army to recoil, knowing this the right wing will also plan to end the battle soon. In this chapter, we will the victory towards the Hi Shin’s army.

We do not think the battle to end up sp easily. There is a huge possibility of the enemy to have some plan which we will witness by the end of the chapter.  To know more about it, all we can do is wait for the chapter to out.

Kingdom Manga Chapter 852 Release Date:

For those, who are looking for Kingdom chapter 852 release date, this manga will get a release on 02- December-2018.