Kingdom Chapter 578 – Spoiler & Release Date


 Kingdom Chapter 578

Chapter: Kingdom Chapter 578

Release Date: 31 October 2018

Status: Unpublished

Kingdom Manga chapters are getting interesting after every release & in the previous chapter, it has become clear that Ousen has another plan. This chapter gives a clear idea on Ousen and his good fatherhood.  His behavior over his son seems rough, but somewhere inside he is just trying to his son the real world.

We also got to know about Suhujei & her past before her death. Later we get to know that Zaho won’t be coming to attack back until tomorrow (as per Manga not literally). One part that is worrying everyone is food.

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In this chapter, we are going to see Ousen making a big move & we can confirm it with Hara’s statement saying it to be the last day. There is a huge possibility to see a change in the plan, where they will be identifying the opportunities to attack their enemies with their soldiers.

This chapter will be focused more on Shin & Ouhon’s plans. This is the first time With this, we are also going to see more Father & Son moment in this chapter. According to our sources, it is expected to see Ousen putting his son on the sideline & fighting all alone.

We are also expecting to see Hon-Sama moment fighting against the enemy. After knowing the fact of having less food, Sen tells Ka Ry Ten” on killing their enemies with everything they have got. It is also confirmed that Ouhon and Shin will be making their move on the 11th Day, with a new plan to destroy the enemy.

Release Date:

Now, talking about the Kingdom chapter 578 release date, it is going to release on 31st October at their official time.