King of Prism : Shiny Seven Stars Introduces New Character ‘Ikebukuro Eis’



We are aware of the movie “King Of Prism” & this year in June it was official that we will see a new movie & a television anime series in 2019. Today we have an update on the series with a new character “Ikebukuro Eis” to feature as a ghost singer. This new series is called King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars & will be features next year in 2019.

Talking about Ikebukuro, he is the ghost singer from Prism star belonging to Schwarz Rose unit. Apart from Ikebukuro, below are the other new characters.

  • Okachimuri Tsurugi,
  • Gotanda Kokoro,
  • Ogiya Mondo 
  • Kanda Mitsuba 

There is no update about the exact release date of the Anime & movie. Sources says that we could expect the movie to release early in 2019 following up with the Anime series. We would update you as soon as we get any update on the series.