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Honestly, I liked this episode more than the first episode, Kekkai Sensen & Beyond episode 2 has been aired. After watching it I was like yeah this is what I wanted to see. So, here are my Kekkai Sensen Episode 2 review.

My Review

This episode consists a lot of story from three years ago when Grand Collapse occurred in the New York City. Though in the starting we see Mr. Zap wounded & beaten up badly, lying inside a chopper with Leo and some other fellows. THey are carrying him to a hospital but unfortunately, all the emergency room are already occupied and he is not in a condition to wait. Suddenly a mysterious helipad appears, apparently, there was noting at its place for the last couple of years.

It was a hospital and at its helipad, the hospital staff was ready waiting for them to land and then take Mr. Zap into observation. After that when Klaus, Steven A came and Leo asked them about the mysterious hospital that was justed pooped-up a flashback started. That’s when we get into the story mode of Great Collapse.

Back when the Great Collapse happened, everything was destroyed and still rebuilding. From the beginning, Klaus and Steven A are kind of Vampire slayers and they got that special power. They have been to this hospital on the day of Great Collapse. They have been into a fight with a non-human, it was there first time facing someone like him. They got a special power but still they both combined appears to be losing. That monster like creature comes with his pet, he was fighting with Klaus and Steven A. While his pet went into the hospital to feed himself. Apparently, he is on a walk with his pet to feed him on human souls.

Klaus ordered Steven to get into the hospital and finish the monster and then come back to fight this guy. But what happened was on his way running towards the hospital, demolishing buildings were falling from the sky, it looked like Steven is going to die as one of the building was falling directly over him. Then suddenly we see some kind of teleportation that moved them from their places and the hospital was discovered until know.

Everyone was dead in the hospital except Luciana she is a doctor, she was almost dead but saved by “Magra de Garna”. Now she is not a human as she can split or she can make her clones to treat everyone. She is no more a human but she is fine with that as she can save lives. Magra de Garna tells about the past and what has happened to her and to the hospital.

After that, in the end, we see the fight between the same guy and our heroes this time Leo was there to help them. And with his help, they won the fight and able to save everyone.

The episode was better than the last one and I loved it.