Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Episode 1 review


After a long and nice gap of two years, Kekkai Sensen is back. This season is known as Keekai Sensen & Beyond. The fucking best thing about this season’s first episode is that they did the entire synopsis of the previous episode with the help of Hip-Hop. If you watched the first episode then you will know what I’m talking about. THe mix of Rap and Japanese hip-hop was kind of dope, I loved it. The person who decided to do it in that way is a genius. So I just watched it and here are my Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Episode 1 review.

My Review

Before I get into the review of this season’s first episode, let me first tell you what Kekkai Sensen is all about (for those who don’t know, I doubt that though).

So, according to the synopsis of the Kekkai Sensen, three years back, a gateway between Earth and the Beyond has opened over the city of New York. The aliens/monster did destroy the New York and then rebuilt, trapping New Yorkers and extradimensional beings alike in an impermeable bubble. Now, after the rebuild, New York has been rechristened New Jerusalem, a paranormal melting pot in which magic and madness is no new thing. The series was first aired in 2015 and now after two years break it is finally back. My words just can’t describe my excitement but I’m super excited.

Just after the first minute of watching the first episode, I was so pleased. As they were using the rap song, at first I thought it was dope but then when I paid my attention they were actually giving the synopsis of the previous season. Samurai Champloo was the last Anime that I watched, that was using hip-hop as the theme of the series and now we get to see that in Kekkai Sensen & Beyond.

While watching it I was kind of comparing it to the last season as after this long break. I was trying to find if there is something that they are missing but I’m so glad to say that this season is funny as Keekai Sensen, everything was just the same. The soundtracks are just amazing as well. While watching it I always think like why I’m never been to someplace like this. In this episode, we see Leo stacking into a mission of delivering the head of American president. His journey to deliver the head was filled with action and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Just because this was the first episode of the second season and it came after a long break. I won’t talk more about it and just tell you to go and watch it right away if you haven’t already watched it.

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