Juuni Taisen Episode 6 reviews


Sheep died, Horse died and my firends Monkey also died. Yes, I’m talking about Juuni Taisen. The episode 6 was just aired and here are my Juuni Taisen Episode 6 review.

My Review

The episode started from where they left, Sheep and Tiger having a conversation while Rat was still running from the Snake, Monkey is still fighting with Rabbit and Ox is out for the hunt. Okay, so let’s start with Sheep, he was one of the most experienced warriors among all but he missed one important principle. He missed one important principle which is to know your opponent.

Tiger was lying on a park bench when Sheep was planning to kill her from behind. Tiger was all drunk and Sheep underestimated her skills as she was seeing five sheeps because she was totally drunk. They both were about to start and then suddenly Tiger came to him like a wind and killed him. Apparently, Tiger’s fighting style is the drunken fist, which is my personal favorite.

Now lets come to Monkey, she is the most skilled warrior and she was exhibiting that but during her fight, she didn’t examine his opponent and his skills properly. What happened was Rabbit is a Necromantic and he can control the body of people who he killed & that’s how he is controlling Sanke to chase Rat. Well, Snake was beheaded by Rabbit at the very beginning of the series. So Snake’s body was chasing the Rat but his head was working as an extra pair of eyes for Rabbit to watch his back. When Monkey decided to get to Rabbit’s blank spot which is his back, She gets killed as Snake’s head was showing Rabbit where Monkey was moving.

Now the Horse, it was not meant to be but as Horse isolated himself in order to go defensive, he hides inside the vault of a Bank. The rat can go anywhere because of cracks, Rat came to his hideout to hide from Snake for some time. Rat knows that Snake will find him that why he left early by warring Horse that he should also leave the place as Snake must be coming. He didn’t know where to go or what to do. Later Snake comes to the Bank and burned it all down while Horse still stuck in the Bank and get burned with the Bank itself.

Now there are only five warriors left in the game and the series is getting intense with every other episode. Let’s see what creators are planning for us in the next episode. Till then enjoy your Visit at GeekSnipper.