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Alright, now I can say that the trend of killing the narrator by the end of the episode in Juuni Taisen is finally over. Episode 5 released a while back and it was a good episode not exactly what I expected it to be but still, it was amazing. So without any more time here are my Juuni Taisen Episode 5 review.

My Review

The episode is titled as “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” and from the title, it was clear that we are going to see Sheep as the narrator in this episode. Though in the start we get to know more about the Juuni Taisen itself. As the magician/host that we saw in the first episode introducing every warrior was describing it as the war that controls the world, or the war who’s resulting control the world. There are some holograms known as VIP’s discussing every warrior and ready to bet on them. Betting is still not started it will be started after the death of three more warriors.

Now, spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode yet. In this episode, no one dies and the trend of killing narrator is finally over and finally so pleased. Other than those VIP’s we get to see the backstory of Sheep this time. He is an amazing warrior who plays with firearms and explosive. He lived in the battlefield and now he wants to die on the battlefield. He was the winner of 9th Juuni Taisen and now he is back.

He used to be a powerful warrior but now just because he is old he doesn’t rank himself as a higher rank warrior. Though he is more experienced than anyone else and we get to see his experience in the episode.


He was able to escape from the OX attack by leaving him with a big explosion which might have hurt OX but I’m not sure just yet. We also see Mokey fighting with Rabit and his dead birds. While rat is first chasing then hiding from the Snake.

Now before I end this post one more thing I wanted to say. So I’m a big bearded guy and now when anyone asked me why you are having this long born then I show them various benefits of it. One of them is to hide the poisonous jewel inside it so that no one can notice if you actually swallowed it or just acted to swallowing it. And if you wanted to know who taught me that then I proudly say that Old Sheep with an amazing beard used this same technique to save himself from the poison.

P.S. forgot to mention that Sheep got his own secret weapon. Also, We might get to see Tiger in the next episode.