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Juuni Taisen is just amazing. The best episode of the series till now. If you have read my spoiler/prediction of Juuni Taisen episode four you will know that I was right. Okay, so without wasting anymore sec lets just start with the Juuni Taisen Episode 4 review.

My Review

Just as I mentioned in my spoiler/prediction post, this episode was completely dedicated to the Monkey. The episode started with Monkey training under her three monkey masters. In her training, she just slashed a huge rock just with a single karate chop like action. That proves how awesome she is and obviously how strong she is.

We get to know about her masters and we get to know when she decided to stop all wars. She was just like this from the beginning, nice and trying to attain world peace. She surely helped to stop hundreds of wars by a ceasefire but apparently, the war never ends.

While talking to the Rat warrior she gets to know that Rat doesn’t care about peace or war. According to him saving and stopping the war is the reason for war as humans think that there are people who handle killing and they can fight as they don’t have to go into war there are armies who have to kill and spill blood. Rats want to end it all just by killing the people who they are trying to save. But he is just a teenager and Monkey understands this.

The episode was much more entertaining and knowing about Monkey made me her fan. But the episode was coming to an end and I was continuously thinking that she is going to die soon and I don’t want that to happen. Fortunately, that didn’t happen in this episode, finally, the pattern of killing the narrator is broken now (I think).

So, when we reached the end of the episode some dead birds (puppets of Rabit) came into the sweage and pushed the Monkey and Rat out from the underground. Peace lover now finally have to fight. We get to see a little action as on her way out from the manhole she was able to dodge the Snakes sneak attack.

There are about to fight and it is going to be a nice fight of the series. I can’t wait to see it as Monkey asked Rat if he can handle Snake while she will handle Rabbit. Rabbit vs Monkey, it is going to be an amazing and I wish they won’t continue the same pattern as I don’t want her to see dead in the next episode. So, that’s all with this episode’s review. Stay with us for more Anime related stuff. Also, now you can ask questions to me directly on my twitter, I’m new on twitter but I know you’ll join my clan.