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Okay, now I’m sure, the person/character who narrates the story ends up dying by the end of the episode. If you don’t know what I’m talking then for your information I’m talking about Juuni Taisen. Episode 3 has been released and here are my Juuni Taisen Episode 3 Review.

My Review

At the start, I was not very much excited about this series but then I watched it anyway because its writer is one who wrote the Monogatari series. The writer of Monogatari series is famous for planting some good twist and turns and doing unexpected. The episode started with the narration of Boar and I kind of started to see her as the main character and I also started to like her but then, in the end, she died. It was kind of edgy and, to be honest, a nice way to start the series and keep the viewers attracted. Same happened in the second episode Dog gets to narrate the episode second, gets his characterization. We get to see his backstory and his plan to conquer the Juuni Taisen but then, in the end, he also ended up dying.

And now in the third episode, Chicken gets all the spotlight, she appeared to be the main character (as she was narrating) but as I expect, she died. To be honest, this way of ending episode is good but don’t they have to get into more details about Juuni Taisen and the magic part of the series. Well, that’s about the predictive twist of the series now let’s start with the episode.

As I mentioned Chicken was the main character in this episode and we also saw her killing Dog in the last episode. Which was pretty cold blooded. This was all her plan from the start to get the boost from the Dog and then kill him but she also ended by getting killed by OX. Now in this episode, if you ask me why Chicken get killed? Where Chicken made mistake? Then it was all Dog who messed it all up. What Dog did to the Chicken in the last episode increased the physical as well as mental abilities of the Chicken. She can fight at her best and also let her think better than before. This was good but this also start to leak the emotions she was hiding and that’s what was the exact reason she died.

There is one more thing that I noticed and that is the theme of the series. They used Chinese Zodiacs as the theme and each of our warriors belongs to one of the Zodiac family. Not just their attire and their fighting style is same as those zodiac traits but their compatibility and relation also depend on their compatibility chart of Chinese Zodiacs. Rabit and Boar are not compatible and we get to see what happened at the end of the first episode, just like this we see Chicken killing Dog as they both are also considered as bad luck. Now in the third episode, I noticed Chicken opening up in front of Monkey and according to the Zodiac Compatibility chart, there is mutual understanding between both Monkey and Chicken.

On basis of this, we get to see Chicken putting her emotions out in front of Monkey and get’s killed just because of emotion leak. Just like the last episode, this episode was also amazing. It was predicted but amazing at the same time. Though, I don’t want to follow the same pattern in the entire series but let’s see what happen.


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