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Watch Juuni Taisen episode 2

Watch Juuni Taisen episode

I can Kill, Kill and even Kill, its a nice dialogue and suits perfectly on the Dog Warrior. Juuni Taisen episode aired today and here is my Juuni Taisen episode 2 review.

My Review

The second episode of Juuni Taisen aired today and after watching it there is only one thing that I wanted to know is that why the Warrior who narrates the episode dies in the end of the episode. The episode started with Monkey warrior who saves the sleepy boy, apparently, the sleepy boy is the Rat Warrior. Monkey is one of the strongest contestant in this game and Rat knows it. If she wants she could have killed everyone and also she was the one who blows up the floor in the first episode. Also, Monkey might game here to end this game for forever, she doesn’t like bloodshed.

Other than that OX Warrior is the strongest one and known as the Genius of Slaughter. Other than that Boar was also pretty dangerous but she gets killed in the of the first episode. Now, this episode was narrated by the Dog Warrior (Dotsuku). His fighting style is the mad dog who bites and hunt. His bite was poisonous and he knows about the intoxicated black jewel that everyone swallowed.

Everyone got a limited time to fight, win and survive but Dotsuku can wait as long as he wants to because his jewel is no more inside his belly and his body is already working on making the antidote. In this episode, he is accompanied by the Chicken warrior (Niwatori) who don’t want to fight. Dotsuku wanted to kill her but she got a special ability of surveillance in this she can connect with any bird and see what they are seeing. together they planned to hunt the Rabit warrior.

Rabit used dead Boar as prey (at least that’s what Dog thinks) and he decided to use Niwatori as prey to counter Rabbits plan. He bits Niwatori by a performance booster that will help Niwatori to bring out her best fighting moves. The new power was unusual for Niwatori and Dotsuku tell her to take control as this power is her alone.

Niwatori puts her hand on the forehead of Dotsuku and crushed is like it was nothing and that ends the story of our narrator. I didn’t felt good because first they killed Boar and I wanted to see her fight now they killed Dog and we didn’t even see him fighting. At the end of the episode OX ambushed Horse and now we have to wait for another episode let’s see who is going to narrate the next episode and get’s killed by the end of the episode.

If you are a Boruto fan, check out what happens in the latest episode and read what is going to happen in the next episode.

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