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Juuni Taisen, another anime that I started to watch this Fall season of anime. Before I start describing the plot and first impression I want to make sure that everyone knows that this series is written by the same person who wrote the Monogatari series like Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, etc. Just because of their popularity they are one of the best anime’s and luckily Juuni Taisen might be going to be the same. Though Juuni Taisen is somewhat different from what we have already seen from this writer. I think I should just start with my Juuni Taisen episode 1 review.

My Review

From my understanding, after watching the first episode of Juuni Taisen it appears to be a survival game series in which people will die. 12 different people are forced (not sure about that) to be the last person standing. All of them are the greatest warrior and to be the best they have to survive this game. The last person who will be standing by the end of the game will get a reward in which they can fulfill their any wish. Now to get this they have to collect 12 dark crystal, one who collects the all will win the game.

To give it a twist these crystals are inside the each individuals body. As their referee tell them to swallow them furthermore the crystals are crystal formed of poison and within 12-hour people holding them inside their body will die. The winner will also get an antidote as the bonus prize.

Now from what I understand this series consists some magic or super-natural thing. As they legit says about completing any wish, wish like bringing people from death. So anyone who dies in this game might revive if the winner wishes for everyone to revive from death.

If we talk a little about these 12 warriors they are the zodiacs like the OX, the monkey, the sheep, the boar, and others. All of them are themed after their zodiac.

Well, to be honest, survival games are not interesting, even if it is a manga, anime or literature. However, after watching the first episode I might change my perspective. It was fun with some good quality of action and bloodshed. I personally enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s going to be an amazing series but it worth watching.
The ending of this episode is pretty edgy, as the main character (seems to be main) got a sword inside her.

What do I like the most?

Art is something we can talk about, the character lines are not sharp, they are rough which we don’t see usually. These rough lines give perfect, giving a distinct appearance to this anime and suits it perfectly. Other than that I like zodiacs and having zodiac themed characters is the best thing about this anime.

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