Just Because Episode 6 review


Hello, everyone, I’m here with another review of a light-hearted anime that all the high school and romantic anime fan will love it. I’m here with Just Because Episode 6 review.

My Review

The episode was a good one very good episode of the series till now. Everyone knows that they are having production issues and the last episode was produced by a very new group. Still the story is so good, they are handling different layers of Romance in this series with all ease.

The thing about Just Because is that it just feels too natural. Having love triangles are so common and it’s like an on and off topic, so people can get bored very easily. In this everyone can’t have the happy ending that is so natural and this is the best way about this series.

Just Because is a perfect High School anime which portrays all the awkward high school moments and of course the love scenes. For example, Haruto gets rejected but then the girl who rejected him kind of gave him the hints that it was so sudden and she answered it without thinking and she might want to say yes but it was too sudden. Haruto is the best character in the series his dedication to getting his love is just something that I relate myself to. Haruto truly loved this girl and it not just affection or her pretty face. Haruto loves her for what she is, he loves him by seeing her in his every baseball game, cheering them. Now he is in love and he can do anything for it.

Also, I’m interested in the photographer girl who seems to generate a crush on our main character and to be honest she is the cutest one according to me. I like her character, bubbly and so energetic.

If you haven’t read my previous Just Because review and somehow skipped the issue part in this post you won’t feel like the creators are facing any production issue. As the episode is just so good and so interesting.

I like the story and I like how they are intertwining the stores and characters with every passing episode it just feels so natural.