Just Because Episode 5 Review


I know I’m a couple of days late but now I’m finally here with my Just Because Episode 5 review. In the last episode, Haruto gets rejected by Morikawa and it felt bad to me personally. Also, Natsumi and Izumi had a little fight and Izumi got carried away and kind of tell her Natsumi that he likes her, not properly but still he gave a hint.

My Review

Well, from its animation to its characters, its story to its narration it felt so light and realistic. There are many times where I can relate my previous life with it and can feel exactly what its creators are trying to express. After getting rejected Haruto and after Izumi having a little fight both Haruto and Izumi don’t want to go to school because of what was happening in their love life.

In that scene of school day morning, I noticed the dark spots under Haruto eyes which clearly means that he didn’t get any good sleep for a while. Not able to sleep is pretty normal after all he loved Morikawa and then getting rejected by his love is hard for anyone.

Though once they both reached in school it was different, Haruto played himself like nothing has happened. It felt weird to Morikawa ut she didn’t say anything also. On the other side, Natusme was feeling sorry about the other night as she went a little ahead and said things that she shouldn’t have to say to Izumi. In the entire episode, he was trying to find Izumi to apologize to him and continue their friendship. She found him in the end of the episode but before that, she had a chat with Morikawa over coffee.

Morikawa tells Natsume that how she feels about Haruto. Going out with him made her feels good and since then she was only thinking about Haruto. But because she gets caught off guard by Haruto when he confessed his feeling, Morikawa said No without even giving a thought to it. Now she is confused what to do next, Natsumi suggested her to give it a try and then talk to Haruto.

After that, she also wanted to give it a try and she found Izumi at the bus stop. They both traveled in the same bus and she did apologize to him, he apologized in return as he is a guy who has feelings for that same girl who is saying sorry. Izumi was afraid that she might know now that he has to feel for her but Natsumi didn’t say anything to prove that and Izumi is confused if she knows or not.