Just Because Episode 3 Review


Yesterday the episode 3 of Just Because was aired and man high school love is something that we never forget. I still remember mine and watching this series is just like what I’ve in my school days. I wanted to talk about the episode so without any delay here is my Just Because Episode 3 Review.

My Review

In the last episode, we get to see Haruto’s love confession and now in this episode, we get to see his determination. HE loves Morikawa and he is so determined to make Morikawa fall in love with her. Just to prove how determined he is, he rides miles on his bike just to see her and not just this he his confronting his fears of dog just because Morikawa has a pet dog and if he wants to date her he has to be good with dogs. The best scene of this episode was the smile that covers his face when Haruto fall because of riding his bike for miles and then Morikawa passed a cup of tea to him.

All the characters are good but Haruto is the best character in the series till now as all the other characters are still in developing phase. Just Because is a very different series of this season light-hearted love story that feels very real and relatable. Though this series is going to be a pretty messed up later as Haruto is in love with Morikawa, while Natsume has feelings for Haruto at the same time Izumi used to like Natsumi in the past and now the photographer girl from the second year.

This episode was the least entertaining than other two episodes but it is still nice. I know I’ve to wait for the next episode but I’m afraid about the series as there seem to be some production issues with the series. I know production issues are very normal with the animes. But the issue at this early stage, I don’t want this series to end up soon. This episode was outsourced to a new production house and this episode is their first work on any anime. The episode was not bad at all but all I’m afraid about is the issues that they are facing.

We are still getting the Haruto’s love story but I’m waiting for the love story of Izumi and Komiya (our photographer girl). They might be portraying the main story of the series but we have to wait to see what will happen next.

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