Just Because Episode 2 review


If you are like me and you love romance then Just Because is the one you should watch this fall season. Episode 2 was available to stream online. So, here is my Just Because Episode 2 review.

My Review

Somewhat dull color that represents winter suits perfectly as the animation of this series. Music that calms your soul and makes you feel relaxed is why I liked Just Because. Izumi, Haruto, and Natsume are the used to be friends when they were in middle school but when Izumi and his family transferred they lost all the connection but now Izumi is back to his hometown and he is in the same school with Haruto and Natsume.

As it is a romance and high school drama, in this episode we see a typical love confession from Haruto. They all are in their final year and Haruto realizes that this might be her last time to tell Morikawa, how he feels about her. He rushed in the entire school trying to find her love I guess. Well if you watched the episode and watch the scene where Haruto tried to confess her feeling, it would be so relatable (only for boys). He got nervous and instead of asking her on a date, he ended-up inviting three other friends of her as well, of course, this includes Izumi and Natsume.

In this episode, it was hinted that Natsume used to have feelings for Haruto in the middle school and Izumi is the only one who knows’s that also Izumi was the one who had a crush on Natsumi in the middle school. It is kind of a love triangle but now Haruto like Morikawa and Izumi is kind of confused I guess. As he said it was all in the past but he might still think about her. Though in the last episode the second year student Komiya confronts Izumi as he was a transfer student and she was kind of stalking him, trying to find out her. Actually not like proper stalking but she was kind of desperate to know who he is (the transfer student).

Later in the episode, we see Haruto and all in the aquarium, it was date kind of not like what Haruto wanted as he asked Izumi, Natsume and Inui also Morikawa bring her two younger brothers to the aquarium. It was hard for Haruto but he handled it pretty well, as Morikawa’s brother ended up liking Haruto and later Haruto gets a text from Morikawa, saying that she had fun today.

That’s all was in the episode then main love story is still have to take place and we certainly have to wait for it.

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