Just Because Episode 1 Review


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Love and romance I’m kind of into it and because of that I love this new anime form Fall of 2017 “Just Because”. When looking for animes to watch this season I read about Just Because and when I watched its trailer it felt like I was waiting for it. It premiered today and after watching its first episode I’m feeling relaxed.

Maybe not everyone but I liked it a lot. If you also love School, Romance and Love anime here is my Just Because episode 1 Review

My Review

Episode stars with their metro and a boy Eita, apparently our main character traveling in the metro. He is moved from another city with his father and he is the transfer student. Moving is always hard and I can relate myself to it. Watching a real-life anime is always my priority because I get to write a lot about them, Their story is going to be simple but you know it can be true and you can feel the emotions. Animation of “Just Because” suits it perfectly somewhat dull colors I liked them.

This episode is kind of introductory, base episode for the plot they are trying to build. We saw a school in which Eita is going to study his third year. We saw a bunch of girls and some boys from the school and we also get to see some school clubs. School’s Photography club is going to shut down if they didn’t accomplish anything and the president of the Baseball team is trying its hard as it might be his last year.

The captain of the Baseball team “Haruto” knows Eita from far back. The story is Haruto used to be Eita’s best friend when Eita was in this same city four years back. But with the long distant and diminishing conversation they both kind of forget about each other. They both played baseball four years ago but now only Haruto plays it.

The episode was about to end and we saw a little friends ship but we also get to know about a name Natsume. She might be the one Eita was in love when he was here and now when he is back we have to see what happens next.