Junnie Taisen Episode 9 review


Okay so it was clear that Snake and Dragon are going to die just because they showed us their backstory but Rabit also dies in this episode of Junnie Taisen. I mean what the f***, he dies just like this. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about then to be clear I’m talking about Junnie Taisen and this is my Junnie Taisen Episode 9 review.

My Review

I’m kind of upset with this episode well I think angry is the right word to describe my emotions for the recent episode 9. Snake and Dragon die and that was clear as we get to saw their backstory. But what’s weird was Rabbit also dies and it’s like he doesn’t have any backstory. I mean what were you thinking guys, Rabbit was a fascinating character in the series so far and you didn’t spend necessary time for his character building? From the series, all we know is that Rabbit wants to make friends (by killing them and making them his puppets) and he wants to kill everyone.

Rabbit seems to be the smartest warrior in this Junnie Taisen but his death, it was just stupid. Charging into two opponents at the same time is just stupid. Rabbit tries to kill Ox and Tiger at the same time but as the result he gets himself cut into pieces. Rabbit was a psycho and now we didn’t know anything about him like how he become like this or what pleasure he seeks for.

Creators wasted 2 episodes of describing Snake and Dragon’s story but when it comes to the fascinating character they did even do it throughout the episode. I’m angry about it, I mean why they didn’t give Rabbit a backstory, that’s not fair. Also, now I knew who is going to die next. It will be Tiger we get to see her flashback which means she is the next. The overall episode was pretty fun; even the series is one of my favourite this season. But I’m just not happy about this, about how they killed Rabbit. He bit his tongue in the episode and that’s just to show how angry he is other than that we don’t know how he did so.

My Theory/Spoiler


After seeing Rabies death now it is clear how and who is going to win this competition. We see Tiger’s flashback which means she is going to die now Ox will be killed by the Monkey and as Rat knows monkey he will kill the Monkey and become the winner of the series. Now I’m not sure about this but I believe that is what we are going to see in episodes 10 of the series.