Junnie Taisen Episode 8 Review


Junnie Taisen is a series that is doing good, nice story and some amazing twits. Episode 8 was released yesterday and here is my Junnie Taisen Episode 8 review.

My Review

I don’t know if this is just me or someone else is also noticing the art and animation flaws in this series. I’ve been noticing them for a while now but in this episode, it just becomes the main attraction, to me at least. If you have seen the episode did you noticed the helicopter scene? To be honest that things don’t look like a helicopter.

With its progression, the series is losing its artwork and animation and I think we all can notice that now. It was a flashback episode and it could be better in terms of animation and art. Though most of us are not interested in the backstory of the character, as they were introduced just to die. That’s what we have learned from their way of storytelling. You cannot care for any character in the series as the will die eventually.

As we seen in the last episode they started to describe Snake and Dragon’s story. The twin brothers basically, they seem to look like noble thieves as they steal and then give the stolen things to poor. But as this episode was mainly focused on their backstory we see that it’s nothing like that. They steal things just for fun and there is nothing Nobel about their robberies.

Now I don’t like the episode much don’t know about you but I don’t like the episode. The main reason is that they took almost 20 minutes of the episode just to describe that they are not Nobel thieves. Also, we are almost at the end of the series and their story didn’t seem to be that important, I mean the way they described it, it wasn’t necessary.

I was almost kind of forget about them being part of Junnie Taisen and that’s why I really didn’t care much about them. It would be better if we get to know more about Tiger and her rivalry towards Ox. I think we have to wait for that too. Till then enjoy the series and my review as well.