Junnie Taisen Episode 7 review


I didn’t expect that. So our host, our narrator for this episode of Junnie Taisen was the Warrior of Dragon and Snake. I just watched the episode and here are my Junnie Taisen Episode 7 review.

My Review

From last few episodes, the series was narrating more than the single story and giving us the action from more than one duel. In the last episode Sheep and the Horse were get killed and we get to see the warrior of Tiger in action. We also lost the Monkey as she gets himself killed by the Rabit.

This episode starts with Rabit taking his sword out from Monkey and making her a walking dead. The snake who his a beheaded warrior and controlled by Rabit killed the Horse in the last episode and now Rabbit and Monkey headed towards the fire from where they took out the Jewell from Horse inside.

Snake found Tiger and there was a Fight between the Snake and the Drunken fist but because Snake didn’t do anything Tiger moved on (she is lazy, don’t mind her). Though she took one of Snake’s hand and his barrel.

Later OX also finds the Snake and took his another arm off, he was about to kill him. But then Tiger came back and this time she seems to be angry, it’s she is holding some personal grudges against the Ox.

Right, when I was expecting a good old fight, Snake’s hand both of them which were chopped off from his body attacked Ox and Tiger and trying to kill them by strangling.

This episode was pretty normal than what we have seen in the past. There was no action and the only thing that was fine was the story of Snake and Dragon. Snake is almost dead but Dragon is still out there hiding from everyone. (ambien generic) We also get to see how Snake gets himself killed even before the competition begins.

There was nothing much to talk about this episode of Junnie Taisen but we might get to see some good action in the next episode of Junnie Taisen.