Junnie Taisen episode 11, we are almost at the end and it was one of the best episodes of Junnie Taisen series. So, without wasting another second here is my Junnie Taisen Episode 11 review.

My Review

From the last episode and the halfway through this episode, it was clear that Tiger and Ox both are going to die. Still, it was an enjoyable episode. Middle episodes like the episode before episode 9 were not that great but now after the episode, 10 things get better like they were at the start. In the last episode and this episode we get to know more about the OX, he thinks with detaching himself from everyone. In easy language, he thinks without emotions (not always), he likes to analyze things like a machine but there are times when he also uses his emotions.

Rabit was the main villain of this series and obviously, he is the one who killed Ox. He was controlling his corpse. His image of wrapping himself with rope or something was very creepy, hats off to the animators. Just this showed how evil or how powerful Rabit is, just cutting him into pieces won’t work here. Also, the part where Monkey popped out, it was really well planned out. Now being Moneky being on top of OX, Ox can’t do much and dies. Now the only Rat is left which make him the winner. I don’t know much about Rat, even his character is not properly developed.

The rat can analyze all the possible future outcomes, from what I believe, I think Rat can travel in multiple universes (it’s not proven yet). Remember most of the passed off characters saying that they have seen Rat somewhere. Though he doesn’t have proper background. They showed that he can analyze all the future outcomes but from what I believe he can travel in the different universe.

Though in the series they showed us that he has that machine like power, in which he can simulate all his options and test them for their safe state. For example, instead of hooking up with Monkey he decided to go with Tiger he might have died earlier and this he had figured out inside his head with the help of his ultimate analyzing power.

So he wins, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone from anyone I mean the announcer whom we met in the beginning of the series. But no matter what route he chooses he dies. that makes me wonder what kind of power all these people ave, people who are controlling the game. Well, there is one more episode to watch, let’s see what they are all about.