It was predictable but still it is a good episode, almost comes to its end last night episode 10 of Junnie Taisen was aired and here s my Junnie Taisen Episode 10 review.

My Review

Before I get into my review lets first talk a little about Rabit. In my last review of Junnie Taisen, I was kind of angry just because we didn’t saw his backstory and the way his story ended was just not right. Okay so I have a theory, I think Rabit is still alive and he never showed himself in the Junnie Taisen the character/person we were seeing since the beginning of the series might be just another puppet of his. I’m not sure but I think that can be a chance.

Okay now, this episode was predicted, after watching the last episode I knew that this time it will be Tiger who is going to die. Just like almost every other episode the person I started to like died in the next episode. After watching her backstory and her motive she gets my respect but it doesn’t matter as she died in this episode.

From her backstory that we see last week, we get to know that she was distraught from the path she should go, she was lost and just to forget about her problem she started drinking. She was drinking just to feel good but that wasn’t helping her until she adapted it as her fighting style (drunken fist). She certainly becomes a strong person but still, she was still suffering and alcohol wasn’t any help.

Her backstory was connected to OX as during one fated encounter Ox saved her. At that time Ox didn’t know that Tiger is also a warrior. Basically, in this story we get to see another part of Ox but wait does that mean we see a little backstory of Ox and if that’s true than Ox might be the next one to leave Junnie Taisen.

At the end of the episode when Tiger lost, she asked Ox a “how did you do it?” It was a genuine/honest question and in reply, Ox said I think the right thing and I do the right thing. Those were some simple but deep words. When Tiger interpreted them she realize what she was doing wrong in her life. Instead of choosing a right path she becomes an alcoholic, she knew that it will harm her but by using becoming strong as an excuse she continued to drink and didn’t do the right thing at all.

Tiger gets redemption in this episode and she got what she wanted, recognized as a warrior from Ox and just to meet Ox once more. It was a good episode with some deep message.