Junni Taisen episode 2 spoiler


12th zodiac war has begun to determine the legendary warrior, Juuni Taisen is getting intense from its first episode.

All the rules have been set, Warriors have gathered and the poison well inserted into the stomach of each one of them. Basically, Juuni Taisen is a bloody battle that starts in every twelve years. Twelve warriors all from the twelve families representing Chinese zodiac have come together in order to defeat other eleven warriors to become the one legendary warrior and make the name of their family superior. After watching the first episode of the Juuni Taisen now we all are waiting for the next episode but waiting is hard and if you are like me who can’t wait to see what’ll happen next. The last episode was narrated by the Boar Warrior Toshiko Ino’s. Personally, I liked her, her attitude but sadly she died as Rabbit warrior killed her. The Dog warrior is going to be our narrator in the second episode of Junie Taisen. If you want to know what to expect in the second episode of Junni Taisen here is a little Junni Taisen episode 2 spoiler.

Here is what to expect.

In the second episode, we will get to see the tricks of Dog warrior and how he is planning to win the war. We will also be able to see the story of Dog Warrior. There will be another warrior going to connect through his story too. Just like the last time, he might get killed or he might kill. We already know that the winner is going to a wish to be completed also he gets the antidote to the poison that they all have swallowed. It is the game of survival, one has to collect the 12 poisons jewels in order to win the game and become a legendary warrior.