Junk The Black Shadow Manga Chapter 21 – Spoiler Update


Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 21

Manga Chapter: Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 21

Release Date: Unknown (Expected before Mid-November)

In the last chapter of Junk the Black Shadow, we saw how Junk meets another wandless in his town. It was unexpected to see Hans Robin & other wandless magicians at gathering at the same place. One thing that we got to know that, these people hate the sorcerers from their town. With the story, it seems that in the early days the knight had an unfair behavior with the wandless.

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Later in the chapter, we saw a new Character, from the Kingdom who hates the wandless. With this, it became clear that Chapter 21 will show the battle where Hans and Junk teach Sonny a lesson.

Whereas the release date is a concern, there is no official announcement made but is expected to be aired before mid-November.

Warning: This Article contains Spoiler


It is obvious that there will be a battle between the Magic Academy students and the wandless. According to the spoiler, we will see Junk getting angry at the Magic Academy students, who are responsible to save the citizens of Avista.

As Junk is a wandless Sorcerer, we will see how Junk will fight against Sonny. We will also be seeing Hans in action with those kids. More or less, it is expected that after this chapter we might see more about how the wandless of Avista feel about.

We are yet to get the complete spoiler before the release of the chapter. If you like to know about spoiler keep following us.


The new character Sonny seems to have a magic power of expanding things, In this Junk The Black Shadow we will get to know about his magic power.