Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 18 – “The Mensure”


Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 18.

Junk the Black Shadow is one of the Manga’s that looks similar to Black Clover, but it does have a different story to it. The chapters are getting interesting day by day & in the last chapter 17, we saw how the Head Master, Talbott arrives and ask all the students to be ready for the Academic Traditional event “The Mensure” which we will see in Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 18.

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What is “The Mensure”?

‘The Mensure’ is an event where students will face each other for a battle to show their magic & gain victory against the opponent student.

What can we expect in Chapter 18? 

Junk The Black Shadow Chapter 18 is going to be a chapter where we will see how the students are working hard to get a victory. This chapter will just show how the students are preparing for the traditional event.

We will also see every individual desire in chapter 18 & which will majorly focus on Junk & the prince. This chapter will be just a build up for the event. We might see some more insight once the chapter is aired. We are sure that in the event we will see an intent battle between the Prince & Junk, which is quite obvious to happen.

Talking about the release date, we are not sure by when exactly will it release, but it is sure that it will release soon in the first week of September. If you are one of those who has some insight on this chapter release date, do let us know in the comment below.