Finally, winter of anime 2018 gets back on track and two of the animes that I’m very excited about is out now. “Junji Ito collection” and “Devilsman: Crybaby” are the animes, you must have to know about them if you have read my “Top 3 upcoming 2018 anime I’m excited about” post. I am happy today, I’ve watched the Junji Ito Collection first episode and I’ll be talking about it in a while. Till then for those who are also waiting for Devilman: Crybaby, the complete series is out now and this is the reason I’m so happy. Now I don’t have to wait for the weekly episodes. Okay so now here is Junji Ito Collection episode 1 review/first impression.

My Review

Junji Ito Collection is a very known name among the fan of Horror anime. Honestly, I haven’t watched it before but I got several recommendations to read its manga. Didn’t get the time but luckily now when there is a series I might going to watch it and review it. So I watched the first episode and it was pretty good, I liked what I’ve watched. Though I know some of you might be thinking that “he is wrong and it was not a good episode”. I mean, yes, there are parts, things that might make it hard for you to like it but I liked it.

Okay, so first let me tell you about some of those points that might make you feel that it was not a good episode. So, after knowing that it is a horror anime you all will start to imagine all the crazy, creepy and super scary (or at least scary stuff). No doubt that Junji Ito showed us everything that we have imagined but there were some parts that didn’t fit right. For example, the main character of this episode should portray the villain but sometimes the character and the anime both were shifting from Horror anime genre to comedy genre. Maybe they were doing this to get the attention of the viewers but that didn’t work well. As sometimes while watching the episode I was confused wheater to get scared to die with laughter.

But one good thing is that this series is going to be an episodic series and not more like a series- series. Every episode we will see different characters with their new story. So in a way it is good if you don’t like the first episode, didn’t mean you won’t like the next episode as well. From what I believe if you don’t like the first episode, give it another try and watch the next episode as well. IF you don’t like it as well then I can understand, things feel un-fitted in some part of its first episode.

The Art and Animation of this first episode are actually remarkable and the voice acting really puts the life in the main character of this first episode. As being a horror anime there are some really amazing parts of the one with the voodoo doll. Our main character curses people and he can also make them sick or unconscious.

So that’s with it if you don’t like the first episode then just wait till you see the next episode. I personally enjoyed it.