Jose Rizal Manga Chapter 10 – Information & Release Date


Jose Rizal Manga Chapter 10: 11-September 2018

When I first read about Jose Rizal, I was quite motivated with his character & efforts he gives freedom to the Philippines. He was one of the revolutionary Novelist, Painter, Doctor etc who had played a major role to grant freedom to his country even after his death. It is amazing to read Jose Rizal Manga series & through this series we could go through the journey of Jose Rizal’s revolution that he left even after his death.

The Manga chapter 9 was the chapter where we saw Jose death & also the evolution of a new rebel era in the Philippines. We saw how Jose’s followers have become aggressive because of his death. In Chapter 10, we will see how his followers will take the revolution to the next level.

What Can We Expect?

If you have read about Jose, then you might also know about General Aguinaldo then you might see his moment on this chapter. This chapter will be of general Aguinaldo and his step towards Philippine–American War. We also saw how Jose wife, Josephine Bracken ask the General to be a part of this war and assist them as a nurse.

The chapter will be the beginning of Philippine – American War,  where we will be seeing how these freedom fighters will assist General Aguinaldo. Also, we will see some inside story of Rizal’s family and the governess who are already aware of the chaos appearing their way.

We will see how Rizal’s writing has inspired nationalism all over the country & because of which the revolution started and hence the freedom was granted to every region apart from Manila, which was under Colonial Rule.

This chapter is going to be the start of the Philippine American War, where we will see the revolution of General Aguinaldo’s war against the US Army. We already know that he was defeated in the Philippine American War revolution, but we haven’t conceptualized the actions. This will be a great opportunity for every one of us to study about the freedom revolution in Philippine.

This chapter will release on 11-September, & we are quite excited to know more about what exactly happened in the Philippine American War.