J-WORLD TOKYO Organising A New Event To Celebrate My Hero Academia Season 3


So after watching the episode second of My Hero Academia Season 3, I can say the wait worth it. And I’m not the only one saying so, but the J-WORLD TOKYO will be organizing a new limited time event just to celebrate the third season of MY Hero Academia.Fans can enjoy this upcoming episode that is starting from Apr. 23 to Jul. 13, 2018 in J-World Tokyo. Certainly, fan’s will about to have the unique experience of J-WORLD. There will be two new mini-games set for fans to play that will give players the chance to win a few prizes.

The first one is named as Wild Wild Kyodai Garapon in this game players have to use their whole body to spin a giant ball cage. The prize will depend on the colour of ball you get. You have to pay 430 yen to play this game.

The other one is named as “Todoroki-kun’s Genkai Balance Game.” As the name suggests, this game is all about keeping your balance. Available to play as 300 yen for one try, players can win one of the two different prizes.

Other than that there will be many other original and amazing surprises available for the fans to try and enjoy the event. So, if you are in Tokyo better go to this new event.


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