Is Yamoshi Going To Be Featured In Dragon Ball Super Movie


Right now it’s April, and there is a long wait for 7 months until the Dragon Ball Super movie to hit the theaters. With the series end, my Sunday mornings are not so fun. So today I was reading about all the news related to the Dragon Ball Super Movie, and I think I found a spoiler.

Image Source: ExperGamez

Potential Spoiler Warning!!!

If you are a true Dragon Ball Fan then you might remember of universe 18, which was erased by the King of everything (He erased total 6 Universe). Not just the Universes 18 but they also destroyed the Yamoshi.

I know all you Dragon Ball Fans must want to know more about him, but for those who are wondering who Yamoshi is; Here is a short explanation.  Well, he existed in the time when there used to be Universe 18. He was the first Super Saiyan and knows as the Super Saiyan God. He used to rule over three universes in the past but defeated by the evil Saiyans when he ran out of energy.

Now, there are some good chances that the Dragon Ball Super movie is going to feature Yamoshi as the villain of the movie. As we saw at the end of Dargon Ball Super series in which Android 17 asked to revive all the universes that were erased. All the universes and this time a total of 18 universes along with the Saiyan God will get their life back.

There is a a huge possibility that Yamoshi will be taking his revenge on King of everything, and he will try to rule over all the universes again. He is the strongest Saiyan of all time, and Goku and Vegeta’s Saiyan form is going to be nothing in front of him. If you remember about the Dragon Ball Super Movie, villain that were released a while back, portraying a villain wearing a Saiyan armor.

I don’t think I have to say anything more now as we can expect Yamoshi can be the villain in the Dragon Ball Super Movie. There is no official news related to this, but chances are pretty high.