Is this the end of Jiren?


Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 was aired yesterday, and I think every one of you must have watched it by now. My review is already up on YouTube and on this page also. So this is not a review bog instead I’ll be talking about the more important thing. Which is the end of Jiren.

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, we get to see Goku achieving the master form of his Ultra Instinct. It is not surprising to see Goku giving a good fight. I mean he is the main protagonist of the series. With his new power, he has become faster, I’ve noticed him doing gestures like the one that Barey Allen (Flash from the House of DC) does. I’m talking about the vibrating hand scene with which he was able to break from the Jiren’s attack and then landed him with a cleat punch to Jiren’s gut. That would have hurt pretty badly.

Before this Goku was finding it hard to keep up with Jiren but now with his perfected new power, tables have tuned. Now it’s getting hard for Jiren, he seems to be struggling with Goku’s super fast speed, and he is shocked for sure to see Goku like this.

This just can be the end of Jiren’s story and Universe 7 will just win the competition. Only two more episodes to go to wrap up everything. In the next episode, we might see the conclusion of the series as Goku will knock out Jiren with his Mastered Ultra Instinct.

So is this the end of Jiren?

But what if this is not the end, what if Jiren pulls another hidden move from his sleeve that will surprise everyone. Goku might get knocked down by Jiren’s hidden move.

If that happens, then there is nothing to worry about, as Jiren will ask to merge all the universe as his wish. By this, he will be able to ask the greatest warriors of the multiverse to help him with his expedition to fight the evil-doer.