What the ….. why did they end it there? Episode 9 of Inuyashiki was released yesterday and keeping the total number of episodes they are going to release, the ending of this episode was really a cliffhanger. It was some very good writing. I’ve watched it and here is my Inuyashiki Episode 9 review.

My Review

More than Inuyahiki I’m more fascinated by the Hiro, he is a psychopath and I want to know more about him could be the reason. After watching the last episode I thought that Hiro is now going to wipe the police force of Japan to take his revenge. But what they showed in this episode was just mind blowing as Hiro went after the entirety of Japan, he wants to wipe out the entirety of Japan so that he could have a new life where no one knows about his past and no one can judge him.

He is not a normal human being, he won’t shit to the new country to form a new identity and start a new life but he kills erase the entirety of Japan just for that. This series shifted from Hiro wanting to seek out his own Justice to Hiro going after every man, woman, and child. If I was there I would just calm down bro you don’t have to do such things. It is just horrifying what Hiro is thinking.

To demonstrate his cruelty he killed 100 people in daylight, without hiding, without caring and without being scared of anything. Then he said he will be back tomorrow to kill 1000 more people. This is just ridiculous killing people so cold-bloodedly, that dude is just insane. Recently I wrote a post on Top most powerful villains in anime and I’ve to put Hiro on that list.

Hiro and the writer none of them care about brutality, they just don’t care about killing people, there was a kid involved in this episode and Hiro didn’t think twice before killing him. He wasn’t able to kill as an Inuyashiki message kid, telling him to get rid of his smartphone. Now if you remember that new girl, introduced in the last to last episode. Hiro is helping her out and we all viewers thought Hiro is doing all this for forgiveness. But that dude is really very selfish, just because the girl reminds him of his mother whom he has lost because of his own actions he is helping her.

I’m happy that creators showed us that Hiro hasn’t changed and he is not looking for forgiveness. Also, I like the writing and animation of this episode. like most of the episode, I got the chill through my spine. Particularly in this episode when Inuyashiki’s daughter was wandering around the area and said I can’t stay without using my phone and she took it out.

Only two more episodes are left to be aired and I bet they are going to be super amazing. Inuyashiki is my favourite series of this season and I’m excited about the next episode as well.