Inuyashiki Episode 6 reviews


It’s out the darkest and the most thrilling anime of the season Inuyashiki dropped episode 6 of the series yesterday and for those who are waiting for this here is my Inuyashiki Episode 6 reviews.

My Review

Episode six is just another amazing episode by the producers of Inuyashiki. In the last episode, the secret service ambushed Hiro and from what I predicted he is surely going to escape from all the force but what I thought was he will be using his powers to kill everyone around him and then he will be able to escape. But what happened was not what I expected. Hiro did successfully escape but he didn’t use his powers to kill anyone. Most probably it was because his mother was there watching all this. And as we saw in the last episode Hiro do care about people but he only cares about people who are very close to him. His mother is apparently the closest person in his life so he didn’t use his powers or kill anyone.

Hiro basically doesn’t want his mother to see the monster inside him. Though the good thing is that he is started to realize the bad things he has done till now in the series. He is crying and all but still he believes that all the lives are not equal. The effects of the actions that he has committed are coming back at him. Everyone is acknowledging him as a killer now. Not just this but the people he cared for, the people who are close to him are also getting affected by his actions.

Her mother is seeing the new posts/trolls all over the internet some of them seems like the honest opinions, her mother is getting judged by the society. People are saying that his mother should have given a better upbringing to him so that nothing this would have happened. The thing is it’s not always parents fault their kids turn out to be a monster. From what we have seen in the story is that he basically kills Wild animals when he was a kid and this shows where he started to become a serial killer. But that’s not the case in this story, from what we have seen, he had a pretty normal life as a kid.

According to me the reason behind him become a monster, a psycho is that he got this new powers which made him pretty much immortal and the craze of newly gained power is what made him this. Now seeing all the news on the internet and getting know that his son is a killer. She was feeling guilty and feeling responsible for what Hiro has become today. To be honest, if you think about what Hiro’s mother is facing, it is simply very hard thing to live with. So his mother decided to end her life, she committed suicide.

Karma is a bitch, Hiro lost the closest person in his life, it was his worst nightmare and he had to pay a little for what he has done till now. Watching her mother committing suicide is pretty dark and to be honest its darkness is what makes this series unique.

Knowing about his mother made him mad and as he is a cyborg/machine. He connected himself to the internet and then trace the IP of people who posted all the comments/trolls. By using his Cyborg like the power he broadcast himself on the screen of individuals and then what he did was insane. He killed everyone at the spot on their computer screen.

Watching this makes me wonder exactly what is his power? And for those who think that it is not Dark. I think you should watch this series again from the beginning.

The episode was mainly focused on Hiro and we didn’t see much of Inuyashki. The episode was amazing and I simply can’t wait for another episode.