Inuyashiki Episode 4 Review


What the F**K, this series is getting intense with every upcoming episode. Particularly this episode is the darkest episode of the series till now or may I say it is the darkest episode of this Fall season of anime. I’m talking about Inuyashiki, fourth episode was just landed and right from the beginning, it was dark. I have watched it and here are my Inuyashiki Episode 4 review.

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My Review

First of all, we only see Inuyashiki in this episode. The episode started with a naked girl lying (unconscious or may be dead) on the bed face down. After that camera moves to a tall tattooed guy who seems to be the one who raped this girl. Just watching this seems to be dark but then we saw a beautiful girl who is in love with her boyfriend and faithful to him. But then the same tattooed guy who happens to be a member of  Yakuza noticed her in a bakery shop as the girl works there. Her name was Fumino and we know what will happen next, she got kidnapped and then drugged.

The name of that Yakuza leader was Samejima and just like the beginning scene of the episode, a girl was lying on his bed naked. This time it was Fumino but luckily she wasn’t conscious and as soon as Samejima tried to make his move girl punched him, made him bleed from his nose and tried to run.

Fumino surely knows how to fight, she grabbed a Katana from his house and tried to keep Samejima away from him. She was able to make a small cut on Samejima’s hand and with doing that she was able to escape him. But they are Yakuza’s, Fumino did return to Satoru her boyfriend but Right after that Samejima with his team members came to their house to take Fumino with him.

Satoru her boyfriend was begging but Samejima grabbed his neck and tried to kill him. Luckily our hero can hear things easily and by hearing Fumino crying helplessly he also came to rescue her and her boyfriend. He was furious when he reached and to be honest Inuyahiki was giving the same expressions like me. He throws all the members of his team one by one just a sweep of his hand and then went to the leader and grabbed him by his waist trying to broke his spine I think.

Now with saying this, our hero has to learn how to fight because just doing fist fight is hard for him as he doesn’t know how to punch someone. Samejima shoot three or four bullets directly into Inuyashiki’s head he can’t be dead but he get’s unconscious. When he comes back to his senses Fumino and all the band was gone, Satoru was lying near him half dead. Inuyahiki tried to get him back to the life and when he was not coming back, he got so emotional and the emotions of humanity made him cry. I kind of feeling what he might be feeling but then he was able to save the guy. Later he called the Samejima and tell him, “You are a tall, dark skin guy, I’m coming for you” or something like that.

Later he ended up paralyzing and blinding every one of the Yakuza family (of course male) and finally save the Fumino and take her back to Satoru.

Now that’s what was in the episode, my true reviews are that this episode is just amazing, it was dark but yes it was very easy to understand and to feel. It was just a good writing and animation as well. Certainly, it was not just like every other anime but this and the Ancient Magu’s Bried are the best of this season.