Inuyashiki Episode 3 review


Well, I can say this recent episode of Inuyashiki is one of the best episodes till now. Finally a lot of character development, not only for Inuyashiki but for Hiro as well. Okay so let me just start with my review and tell you what form these characters are taking. Here are my Inuyashiki Episode 3 review.

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My Review

Let’s start with Hiro and what he has been through and how his life is changing with these new extra-terrestrial powers. He is less human than he was before and now when he got this power and become a cyborg he is actually acting like one. He doesn’t care what his actions cause and he certainly doesn’t have any sympathy for other individuals.

One thing that we see about Hiro and his power in this episodes are like he can cut anything just by touching them. Just like in the last episode he sliced open the girl, but what strange is that he can also reverse the effect. Means he can uncut the skin or the object he just cut. Noth just this he can fix/treat damaged organs of an Individuals as well. But his new powers don’t stop just there, as being a machine he can control and manipulate other machines as well. This is an answer to the last episode where we saw him playing with the real cars on the road.

His powers are cool but his motive is totally wrong, he can treat people fix them, help them to live more. But what he was doing is just killing them and stealing money from the bank. Hiro hates bullying and he wants to protect his friend from bully which is kind of a good thing but he took the wrong way as we saw him killing the bullies right on the spot just so that he can save his friend.

Not everyone is bad, at the end of the episode his friend says that he can’t be a murderer or someone who steals money. I must have to say that his friend got some balls as we know Hiro can kill him, he becomes some kind of psychopath after all. But he didn’t care much at the moment and just said: “Okay, just make sure to be in school every now and then”. Later we see him killing another family.

Now when it comes to Inuyashiki I totally understand this guy. He becomes a cyborg and machine but still, he lingers with the human part of himself so that he can empathize with other individuals. He got the save power like Hiro but his motives are good, he wants to empathize with other humans and then help them. The only difference in power between Hiro and Inuyashiki is that Hiro can do that bang thing. In which he can kill or shoot someone with just pointing his finger towards an individual and saying bang. We haven’t seen Inuyashiki doing that so we really don’t know if he got the same power or not. Inuyahiki is learning, he is learning about his power. Now he knows how to fly, he gets into a new fight in order to save an individual who was attacked by a gang. He doesn’t know how to fight but luckily he was able to land some good punches. Though, He has to learn how to fight in future to face Hiro.

The episode was just amazing, all I want Inuyahiki to learn fly without singing the Astro boy song.

What to expect in the next episode?

Hiro’s friend who kind of left him might be going to team up with Inuyashiki. That might piss Hiro and them make him to kill his friend. I’m not sure but that is what I think we are going to see in the upcoming episode.