The finale of Inuyashiki is here, we can’t expect another episode next week. It’s kind of sad but just like several other good anime series, this series also comes to an end. I’ve watched the finale episode and here is my Inuyashiki Episode 11 review.

My Review

Just like the beginning of the series the ending was also very sad. But then there was a scene that just made me chuckle. The most controversial Prime Minister of the USA made his debut in Inuyashiki. I’m not lying, they portrayed Donald Trump in the finale episode of Inuyashiki. At first, I didn’t believe what I was seeing but then it was really Donald Trump. Well, the thing that I noticed and want to salute the animators for that is the detailing of Donald Trump, the way anime Donald moves his mouth is exactly how the real-life Donal Trump. I was laughing, I’m not American but still, I know about his actions.

Okay, now let’s talk about the finale episode, with Hiro is gone now there is a bigger danger coming right towards the earth to kill the humans. The perspective was completely drifted from Hiro to the outer space meteor. I like Inuyashiki series right from the beginning, I loved the finale though what I don’t like is how fast they changed the main story. Hiro is dean and now the meteor is the main danger. They should have given us the hint somewhere in the middle of the series. Other than that the episode was really fun and amazing, filled with emotions. The question that Inuyashiki asked himself in the beginning of the series kind of answer at the end of the series. If you don’t remember in the first episode when he was sitting alone in the park trying to comprehend his Cancer news. He asked himself If I’m about to die, will my family miss me?

In the end of this episode when he sacrifices himself to save the humanity we see glimpses of his family crying. When he explodes that made him know that his family will miss him, they were crying. Right there they answered the question he asked at the beginning of the series. Other than the question being answered what I like is the ending of Hiro. We all know Inuyashiki was the main hero of the series, he sacrificed himself for the Nobel. We also see Hiro in this episode sacrificing himself in order to get rid of the meteor to save everyone else.

In the end of the series, both the main hero and the villain sacrificed themselves to save the planet. I’m feeling sad because it comes to an end but just like every good thing ending is necessary. If was a good anime series and I love to watch it. Hope you enjoyed it as well.