Inuyashiki is a really good show whit a very dark theme. Right from the first episode when I saw depressed Inuyashiki, my heart cried and after that, there were so many moments that make me feel exactly what developers are trying to portray. This my Inuyashiki Episode 10 review.

My Review

Seeing Inuyashiki finally reaching to his daughter and then knowing that she is gone. To be honest, this was the best scene of the series for me. Due to the alien, we see Hir and Inuyashiki getting some new powers, saving human life by curing them is one of the powers they got during the collision. After reaching to her daughter he tried to save her from his healing power but it doesn’t work. She was still lying with a blank face unable to move because she was dead. It was a sad scene and the camera work, pausing and panning the camera was also helped the scene. The way they took it to this moment surely built a lot of tension for its viewers and that camera pausing is what made it more special.

Other than that now it is clear that Hiro is not actually a hero he is a pure evil, a villain. Though Hiro still didn’t think so, for him all he has done was nothing to worry about, all the life that he had taken were not worthy. But now in this episode, he finally realizes that he is the bad guy and he is the villain. He is crying and thinking like why is this old guy is the hero of this sires and not him. It’s really weird because in most of the series a guy like Hiro mostly portrayed as a hero and because of it Hiro thinking why this old guy is a Hero. To be honest, this way of portraying a hero interested me.

In the end of last weeks episode, we saw Hiro manipulating an airplane just to crash it. But he was not just manipulating one airplane but by going into full savage mode he manipulated 10 airplanes together. Luckily the plane we saw in the last episode and the characters inside the plane didn’t die as they were saved by our hero Inuyashiki. It was crazy insane how he controlled all the air traffic. He got some really insane powers.

Now other than that at the end of the episode we saw Inuyahiki helping others, saving others lives. Also, he works is getting viral on the internet, reporters are writing stories on him. It was a good episode, things were crazy in this episode and it was super enjoying. Let’s wait for the finale now.